Monetizing your app to promote products and services is one of the best ways to make money from your iOS application. In this scheme, your app operates as a platform to advertise some brands, and earn revenues from such paid advertisements. 

Nonetheless, for that, it is important to know the target audience of your iOS app. This makes it so uncomplicated to look for products that your target audience would be captivated in. For example, an app designed for food critics or chefs could get sponsorships from Restaurants or fancy supermarkets.

Advertisements might be in the form of having the company/brand logo at the top of the screen or an ad that demonstrates their specific category. However, the ad should be identified as sponsored content, if not your app users may feel betrayed. On the other hand, you can also promote other iOS applications (not competitors) that are connected to the same niche and could be helpful for your target audience.

These are some ways you could monetize your iOS App in 2021:

  • Paid Advertising: As we said, just put a few advertisements in your app and you will get money for each impression or click. At the bottom of the article, we will give you some of the best ad network platforms for your IOS App.
  • Premium options: You can charge your users for premium plans.
  • Virtual Money. You can create an item in the app that users can buy, like coins in games. You can charge for the coins, and you can even up that with the “free to play, pay to win” procedure, for example, giving a few coins for free.
  • Bundle/unbundle. You can divide parts of your app and start charging for those individually (like a code library, or content, or access to your user base). Combine your app with another valuable item (from a partner), and get an income on that.
  • Partnering. Sell someone else’s product through your app.
  • Service. Integrate your app with a service, and charge for that service.

We compare some of the best options for Publishers to monetize iOS apps:

  1. MediaFem

This is a full-service SSP platform located in the UK, with more than 12 years of experience in ad monetization. Many publishers around the world use their native codes to stimulate users to view more articles on the same site or to increase their revenue for referral traffic. Powered by a modern predictive engine, the platform equips publishers with capabilities that are vital to digital media success, including A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization features.

Paying in Net53 terms, MediaFem does not charge any sum cost as they work with a Rev. Share model 70% for Publishers. These percentages are consistent, regardless of a publisher’s geographic location, and are not in any way averaged between publishers. 

For us this will be our primary suggestion to start, you can sign up in MediaFem here.

2. Exponential

Exponential, previously called Tribal Fusion, is an ad network known for its good quality of CPMs ads. The ad network provides high-impact ads such as rising stars and pre-roll ads. A big percentage of revenue share is given to the publisher.

Exponential is very prudent about partnering with publisher websites and is looking for publishers who preserve a professional and attractive website layout/design. In addition, they suggest publishers keep pertinent, highly-targeted, and updated content in order to partner with the Exponential ad network.

3. SiteScout

SiteScout was the first self-serve media buying network and remains the largest to this day. The company currently works with 31 billion ads per day across nearly 70,000 different websites. SiteScout offers real-time bidding and reporting, which allows advertisers to keep close tabs on their campaigns and optimize them for the highest possible ROI. 

Advertisers can also use the SiteScout platform to reach consumers via other networks such as Google, Appnexus, and Adtech.

Making money with your iOS app is not simple. It is crucial to have a solid strategic master plan that is based on knowing your target audience and the type of app you have created. The other strategies, in addition to the above, can be a good way to monetize your app and earn revenues, and at the same time, keep your users engaged and loyal. 

Finding the best way to monetize depends on a number of factors, including your audience size and composition of ads on your app, rates, etc.  The best way to do it is to test a few different options and then decide which one produces the biggest revenue. For us, MediaFem will be the choice.

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