Is it possible to Make Money With A Travel Blog? As a quick answer: yes, you can Make Money With A Travel Blog but it is not as simple as you think.

When people find out that someone has been traveling non-stop and without a return date for years, they ask, but hey, how do you pay for your trip? The answer is that in the same way as everyone else: with money earned by working.

But working doesn’t always mean you’re going to be in an office; working for some big corporation, or owning a physical business. The Internet has opened up endless possibilities for all those people who really want to work and travel.

Earning money with a travel blog is possible but we want this article to be more complete; we want to disprove some ideas and preconceptions that people have about people who work from the internet; tell you the advantages of doing it; and how you really earn money. To do this, we will begin by briefly explaining what a travel blog is.

What is a travel blog?

For many, a blog is just that space where they can write stories and anecdotes about the topic that they are most passionate about. Some will talk about fashion; others about cooking; personal finances; and how to fix things around the home, and a few, like me, will talk about travel.

But a blog is much more than a space to express our ideas. A blog is a very complete platform that allows its creator to expose a message far beyond stories.

A travel blog is not a travel guide, but you will find advice on what to do in a city. He will not be your closest friend but he will give you the best advice to visit a place as if he knew you all his life. It is not a travel novel but it tells stories that shock and entertains. It is not a Hollywood movie but sometimes you will see amazing and unique videos. It’s not National Geographic but our photos will take your breath away.

Thus, here are 3 Advantages of making money with a travel blog:

  1. You take your business with you: being an internet business will be where you are, it can be bad if you can’t make the disconnection between work and free time; but without a doubt, it is an advantage to be able to be literally wherever there is internet and work from there.
  2. Exponential audience: just as you will compete with the whole world, your audience or potential clients are also in the whole world; this increases your business possibility exponentially. If before you could reach the 400,000 inhabitants of your city; how would you like to reach the 410 million people who speak your same language?
  3. You spend as much time as you want: similar to the advantage of being able to work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection; you decide how long you will work. This makes it completely ideal for people who have another job or who do not want to dedicate themselves fully to the subject. You can work at anything else and keep your travel blog as a side business.

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