Blogging can be a lucrative tool. Many bloggers began their blogs with the intention of making money. Some bloggers may have attracted a large number of devoted followers and a steady stream of traffic to their blogs, but they may also struggle to turn the traffic into revenue.

Online ads are among the most popular ways to make money from blogs. Some blogs make it seem to be very easy, but there is logic to it. Check out some of our tricks for monetizing your blog with advertising to get the most out of your advertising revenue:

Maximize The Allowed Number Of Ads Per Page

Three or more ad units on a website is usually a fair amount of ad units for an article. It is recommended that you use up all of your ad network’s budget. This will almost certainly result in an immediate increase in sales. And it’s not just that you have multiple ad revenue streams; you’re pitting these ad networks against each other to see who can get the highest CPM rate, which is in your favour! What’s the end result? Ad revenue has increased.

Place Your Ad Units

Because of their functionality, contextual link units are a very effective technique of monetization. They can be used everywhere, such as at the end of each blog post, and they can fit in well with the posts. They are more user-friendly than banner advertising because they are less intrusive, and when handled correctly, they will lead to more clicks. If you run a CPC campaign on your blog, this is advantageous.

Optimize Content With Ad Inserts

Long-form content is a nice way to keep people interested in your post, and it also gives you the ability to use advertising space within the content field. Visitors who read entertaining long-form material are more likely to engage with your advertising (i.e. click/read the ads).

Only a word of caution: keep the advertising appropriate and non – intrusive to maintain the best possible user experience. Ads that are irritating can push readers away.

468×60 and 234×60 dimensions are the best banner sizes to use since they can fit into the text area of most blog posts. They can be seen in your blog posts to separate paragraphs. This style of advertisement will be more likely to draw users than those seen in traditional ad areas such as the sidebar or footer.

Utilize Your Comment Area With Ads

Placing your ads between your comments section and your post is a brilliant example of strategic ad placement. The reader has the option of continuing with the next article offer (by clicking on the advertisements) or participating in the blog debate (by writing comments). Whatever decision they make, it would be helpful to your blog.

Ads are used by many platforms to monetize their websites. However, you must make the right decision for your business. In 2021, MediaFem is known for being one of the most successful advertising networks. This is a massive UK-based network that has been monetizing blogs for over a decade. Many websites use ad codes to entice readers to read more content or to generate revenue from referral traffic on the same domain.

Publishers will use the platform’s advanced analytical engine to conduct A/B research, produce smarter reports, and personalize content, both of which are crucial for online technology advancement. Publishers may use their services to move between header bidding and the regular One Ad Code solution. This advertisement firm offers a variety of ad types, including video, display, mobile, audio, and native advertising.

MediaFem does not charge fees and instead pays Net53 on the basis of a 70% Rev. Publisher share arrangement. These estimates are given to all publishers, regardless of region, but they are not averaged. Since it provides all kinds of ads that are suitable for the internet, MediaFem is the most popular site for advertisers and small publishers to earn huge quantities of revenue.

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