Blogging has the potential to be a profitable activity. Many bloggers started their blogs in order to make money. Some bloggers may have a huge number of loyal followers and a consistent stream of visitors to their blogs, but they may be unable to convert that traffic into money.

One of the most common ways to make money from blogs is through online advertisements. Although some sites make it out to be simple, there is a logic to it. To get the most out of your advertising earnings, check out some of our tips for monetizing your site with ads:

Increase The Number Of Ads Per Page Allowed

An article with three or more ad units on a website is usually considered to have a reasonable number of ad units. It is recommended that you utilize the entire budget of your ad network. Sales will very definitely increase immediately as a result of this. You’re not only pitting various ad networks against each other to see who can get the greatest CPM rate – which is in your favor! What is the final outcome? The amount of money made by advertisements has increased.

Your Ad Units Should Be Placed

Contextual link units are a particularly effective monetization approach due to their usefulness. They can be used in a variety of places, such as at the end of each blog article, and they blend in well with the content. They are more user-friendly than banner advertising since they are less intrusive, and they will result in more clicks if managed appropriately. This is beneficial if you run a CPC campaign on your blog.

Ads Can Help You Improve Your Content

Long-form material is a great method to keep people interested in your article while also allowing you to use the content section for advertising. Visitors that read engaging long-form content are more likely to interact with your advertising (i.e. click/read adverts).

Only one word of caution: to ensure the greatest possible user experience, make advertising relevant and non-intrusive. Readers may be turned off by annoying advertisements.

The optimum banner sizes to utilize are 468×60 and 234×60, as they can fit into the text area of most blog entries. They’re used to separate paragraphs in your blog postings. Users will be more likely to see this type of advertisement than those found in typical ad places like the sidebar or footer.

Make The Most Of Your Comment Section With Advertisements

A wonderful example of effective ad placement is placing your advertising between your comments section and your content. The reader can either continue with the next article offer (by clicking on the advertising) or join the blog conversation (by writing comments). It would be beneficial to your blog whatsoever decision they make.

Many platforms utilize advertisements to monetize their websites. You must, however, make the best selection for your blog. MediaFem is considered one of the most successful advertising networks in 2021. This is a large base established in the United Kingdom that has been monetizing blogs for over a decade. Ad codes are commonly used on websites to persuade users to read additional information or to make cash from referral traffic on the same domain.

Publishers will use the platform’s advanced analytical engine to conduct A/B testing, create smarter reports, and personalize content, all of which are important for the progress of online technology. Publishers can switch between header bidding and the standard One Ad Code solution by using their services. This advertising company offers a wide range of ad formats, including video, display, mobile, audio, and native.

MediaFem does not collect any fees and instead pays Net53 on a 70 percent Rev. Publisher share basis. These figures are distributed to all publishers, regardless of their location, and they’re not averaged. MediaFem is the most popular site for advertisers and small publishers to earn large amounts of money since it gives all types of adverts that are suited for the web.

You can sign up to MediaFem here.

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