Looking for sponsors for a website or blog is one of the needs of any content marketing creator who has chosen to monetise their efforts. In fact, have you ever thought about looking for sponsors for a website, and how do you imagine that this action can help your business? Perhaps, if you are new to this world you might have the wrong vision.

A sponsor is one or several companies that in exchange for advertising on your platform make several payments for the maintenance of your website. But this does not mean that you get such benefits that you can leave the rest of the strategies to live off your blog.

It’s simply a way of gaining some ground so that maintaining your own site is not so hard for you. Think about it. You need to cover the annual purchase of the domain, the plugins for your blog, some images… And although it is true that in most occasions you can have all these factors for free, sometimes you need to go a step further to give a new approach to your strategies. Or simply to make them more professional.

How to find sponsors for a website or blog?

To begin with, it is advisable to start from the bottom. And this means being clear that it is not easy and not any blog can be monetized. The process of finding sponsors for a website does not consist of finding someone who will pay only for placing their advertising piece. It is about finding an advertiser who is interested in being on your site.

The relationship between the advertiser and your website must be good. That is to say, it is much better that the sponsor you find is related to the theme of your digital media than not including a piece of something that has nothing to do with it.

On the one hand, it can break the rapport that is created with your audience. Do you prefer the piece to go unnoticed, to be integrated with the rest of the content and for the user to have a better experience, or do you prefer to keep seeing advertising that doesn’t interest them and make them feel annoyed? In this case you lose and the sponsor loses.

With these aspects in mind, you should know that there are many methods to monetise your blog or website. You can start with sponsored posts. You can also use various tools to promote your own content and get noticed to attract advertisers. Or you may prefer to use ad networks like AdSense and all its alternatives.

How to attract advertisers?

If you don’t want to rely solely on Google AdSense, which is not recommended, you will have to work on your website. And the only way to find sponsors for a website is by attracting their attention. To do this, you can choose to take care of the following factors:

1.- Optimise your content

One of the reasons why content marketing has developed is because of the ineffectiveness of direct online customer sales strategies to date. For this reason, alternatives have emerged that seek to boost the growth of a business in a more subtle way. Less intrusive and more enriching alternatives…

And this is where your content, your most powerful marketing tool, comes into play. You need, therefore, to know how to create and implement an effective content marketing process.

It is essential to create specific content for social networks with a high probability of going viral. Learn to write faster and better. Create content that people really want to consume. Your content is one of the pillars on which to base your search for sponsors for a website. They will look at them first and foremost. So, it is important that they are optimized to attract as much traffic as possible to your site.

2.- Consistency is key

If what you want is to look for sponsors for a web or, better said, that they find you, you must be constant. It’s no use creating excellent content too infrequently.

An advertiser will look at your space if they see that you are constantly updating your publications, not if your site is abandoned. So don’t think that creating good content will do the trick. Create an editorial calendar that is adjusted to your digital marketing calendar to effectively organise the frequency of publication.

3.- Take care of the design

Looking for sponsors for a website and finding them depends, in a way, more on you than on them. A quality advertiser will not want to associate their brand with sloppy settings. Or with websites that are not adapted to any screen and device, for example. And especially if you want to run branding campaigns, your appearance must be well cared for.

4.- Participate in social networks

You need to gain visibility and social networks are a great loudspeaker. But just by having a presence on them you won’t gain anything. You must optimise your content strategy on each platform to gain the right coverage. This way, your chances of attracting the attention of sponsors will increase.

5.- Grow your traffic

You need to make the most of all traffic sources to grow your audience. The more community you generate and the more readers you have, the more attractive you will be to advertisers. They are looking for websites that generate engagement, that move users, that bring conversations…

7.- Put yourself in the hands of a professional platform.

There are many and varied companies dedicated to providing ads and advertising to webmasters and bloggers. They put both brands and media in contact with each other. This makes finding sponsors for a website or blog a comfortable and easy task.


One of them is MediaFem. MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that connects content websites with advertisers using programmatic platforms, then charges a fee depending on the software’s on-site revenue.

It takes pride in being able to supply higher-quality content to advertisers than other ad networks. This system also responds quickly to ad requests, ensuring that each impression is given as soon as feasible for the best viewing experience possible. MediaFem has developed into the firm it is today by offering relevant content and operating more effectively than other ad networks.

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