Are you looking for a better option for Taboola? It is possible! Read this article to learn about other mobile ad networks.

Since 2007, Taboola has been working on the market for advertising networks. It has been growing during this time, and its comments and not-so-good opinions have been added too. It is important to recognize that since 2012, bad experiences have experienced an important increase. Taboola continues its journey by creating new technologies that will assist people in finding what they are looking for, no matter where they are.

Despite the fact that Taboola is a seasoned firm, not all of its requests are positive. You must use caution. However, if you want to try a different method of site management, there are a plethora of options that may be tailored to your specific page and take it to the clouds.

So, if you want to increase your earnings and diversify your cash flow, mobile advertising networks are one way to do so. Advertising companies, which, as the facts speak by themselves, are not Taboola, pay you for each view of additional advertising that is selected by algorithms based on data from your customers and your website. There are so many options, and as you have seen, not all of them are perfectly suitable for your expectations or your page’s characteristics. That’s why we recommend using MediaFem.

This company is able to bring you reacher links that can improve your page and accountancy stats. In this way, you will be able to display high-quality native ads with relevant content on any mobile device and earn in real-time and from the first view.

To Know More About MediaFem:

MediaFem is a comprehensive internet ad platform. They’ve combined cutting-edge software with 12 years of experience in the business to create a strong and simple-to-use system that will help your site grow and prosper. You can build eye-catching adverts that will increase your traffic by providing relevant information and applying more efficient approaches than other ad networks.

Unlike other ad networks, our platform can deliver higher-quality content to marketers. This platform answers rapidly to ad requests, ensuring that each impression is delivered to your future customers in the most pleasant way possible.

Publishers receive 70% of the revenue produced by MediaFem in relation to technology in exchange for displaying MediaFem advertisements.

MediaFem prowess-

Global access to a diverse range of demand is one of MediaFem’s advantages: Allow hundreds of DSPs and trading desks to access your inventory, giving tens of thousands of advertisers access. MediaFem may help you secure your brand while simultaneously delivering high-quality content.

Increased impression yield: You may monetize your audience for a higher return on impressions by using MediaFem’s real-time bidding (RTB) technology. Our simple connections can also help you reach thousands of new customers. MediaFem helps you bring reserved audiences to in-demand buyers at scale by leveraging your first-party data.

The safety and security of the brand: We confirmed that trustworthy businesses give world-class marketing. MediaFem uses a multi-pronged approach to assess the quality of any demand source that we welcome onto our platform.

Format according to your specifications: Choose from a number of alternatives that can be adapted to your website’s layout and aesthetic. MediaFem offers a variety of header bidding choices to help you get the most out of real-time bidding.

You can adjust your header bidding configuration on There are options for client-side, server-side, and hybrid hosting. We’ll collaborate with you to track and analyse your setup in order to make it better. There are options for desktop, mobile, and video solutions.

Become a member of MediaFem-

Create a MediaFem Publisher account by following these simple steps:

1-Go to the MediaFem website and click the “Sign up” option.

2-Type your name, website URL, or Download URL (for mobile apps only), email address, and password in the appropriate fields.