2020 was a difficult year for entrepreneurs, bloggers, and writers who earned money from Google AdSense. Adjustments to the Google algorithm, as well as new regulatory guidelines such as the CCPA for California-based businesses, were implemented two years ago.

About this, AdSense is also an outstanding platform for generating a substantial income from your content, whether it’s a personal blog or the website of a software development firm. However, several considerations must be considered in order to use the tool as effectively as possible. That is why people want to follow guidance on how to maximize their AdSense earnings.

When it comes to making profit from ads, there is a common misconception that traffic is the most significant factor. The more traffic there is, the more benefit there is. Google AdSense, on the other hand, is based on a variety of considerations, including the form of content, where it is hosted, the origin of traffic, and AdSense CPC. Advertisers decide the cost per click, and you should pay close attention to it because certain advertisers are willing to pay extra.

Now, let’s look at four strategies for increasing the Google AdSense earnings in 2021.

Content Is Still Important

The topic of Bill Gates’ essay from 1996 is still valid today. And this is incredible, considering how consumer preferences have evolved over the last 20 years. Nonetheless, quality is also the most important method for making money with AdSense. However, keep in mind that the Google algorithm expects it to be important and original.

Experts expect that the movement toward high-quality long-read materials will continue in 2021. But which content is best suited to increasing your Google AdSense profit? According to research, the ideal length for an article should be between 750 and 1,000 words.

In terms of content, nothing concrete can be said here. Nonetheless, several people emphasize the importance of streaming video and its superior success in terms of user experience. While video content will not have direct benefits with AdSense, it will enable you to draw more users to your web, which will increase your sales.

Ad Location And Size Are Crucial

Everybody understands that advertisements can be placed on the web in areas that are readily accessible to consumers. This problem, however, is more complicated than it appears at first glance. For example, some people believe that placing an advertisement above the text rather than below it is preferable. Furthermore, the ad banners have the potential to irritate people, so they should be used with caution.

That is why, during the web design process, you can consider how you would put advertisements on your resource. To do so, obey the AdSense Heatmap instructions. A helpful approach will be to familiarize yourself with this guide prior to building the platform in order to recognise potential ad placements ahead of time.

There are three major designs for ad sizes: 728 90 for the main banner, 300 250 for the sidebar, and 160 600 for the upper banner. These are average numbers; the most appropriate size for your resource can only be determined by experimenting with different choices.


It is still a smart thing to test. It’s fantastic that you can do A/B tests to determine the efficacy of the ads. Or, more precisely, how well they are put. This will allow you to decide which areas of your website are better suited for ad banners.

There are many resources available for doing such research, some of which provide free trials. Such tools frequently allow you to evaluate both the entire site and a particular article.

Improve Your Site Performance

Regardless of how often you use AdSense, how precise your targeting is, or how well the ads are displayed, the customer can leave your site if it takes too long to load or is full of bugs. The most fundamental factors influencing your AdSense sales are the frequency and efficiency of your platform. Higher interaction is the product of a seamless user interface and user experience. And it is user engagement that primarily leads to ad sales.

The length of time a visitor spends on your site has an effect on SERP indicators. This is an important observation to make since these metrics determine the site’s ranking on Google. It is important to note that even the finest and most original content with powerful advertising can go unnoticed if the site is too sluggish.

  • Regrettably, AdSense has made the clearance process very complicated. If you make even small mistakes, you risk getting disqualified. Now that you understand what AdSense Arbitrage is and how it works, remember the reasons why Google can deny your application.
  • Your website’s design
  • Your website does not have a privacy policy.
  • Your blog does not follow Google’s AdSense policies.
What Is the Best Option If I Want a More Powerful Ad Network with Better Solutions?

You do have other choices open to you. One of the strongest is MediaFem. MediaFem, which has been in business for over 13 years, is still up to speed with recent technology developments.

The Publisher discovers a network that offers transparency and routine activity reporting. Using their services is absolutely safe due to their openness and reliability. Their corporate model is built on revenue sharing, with publishers receiving 70% of revenue and the business receiving 30%.

For their solutions, publishers can choose between header bidding and the regular One Ad Code model. MediaFem has advertisement solutions such as video, display, mobile, audio, and native ads.

Experiment with different article sizes, banner sizes, and other elements. There are a variety of resources on the Internet devoted to answering all of these issues. However, you can only discover a fully effective approach by experimentation. Many of the rivals and peers are experimenting, even with minor details like the colour of text anchors. This allows them to see which color generates the most reader interaction. As a result, don’t waste time and don’t be afraid to experiment with new processes. Keep track of the results of the tests for future reference.

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