If you want to make money from your Indian blog, take a look at this advice.

It all started in 1986, the Internet was made available to the educational and research communities in India for the first time. In August 1995, the general public gained access to the internet, and by 2020, it accounted for 54.29 percent of the population. In February 2021, the number of broadband subscribers climbed. India’s telecom business is today, the world’s second largest, with 1.17 million subscribers.

Low rates, increased availability, the implementation of Mobile Number Portability (MNP), the development of 3G and 4G coverage, changing user tastes, and a favorable regulatory environment have all contributed to the industry’s exponential growth in recent years.

As it is a rising situation in the region, it’s a very good option to take an approach and take the juice of starting a business with your website in a promising present and future. We recommend using ad networks if you are interested in earning money online.

It works by incorporating advertising into your website and retaining the attention of your customers. Algorithms Choose the type of ad to display based on your value propositions and your viewers. This is a transaction in which you could end up receiving money generated by your page flow and views.

There are numerous advertising agencies, each with their own set of requirements. We have contacted and gathered information from several of these companies that can assist you in improving your blog.


MediaFem has been an excellent company that has stayed current with the advertising industry’s latest changes. The blogger uses the network that promotes operational transparency and accountability. They have a 70% revenue share for publishers and a 30% revenue share for them in their marketing strategy. You can significantly increase your ROI by monetizing your viewing audience.

MediaFem works by interpreting the content of a website or blog with an algorithm in order to display a linked ad that may be of interest to the readers. You rewrite the ad code provided by the advertising platform, and you earn money when someone clicks.


Smart Hub, a white-label ad exchange platform with over 25,000 publishers and 2 billion daily impressions, is provided by SmartyAds. As a full-stack programmatic ad technology platform, it serves both advertisers and publishers as a DSP and SSP. The platform supports video, banner, audio, native, push, pop, and other types of traffic and ad formats.
SmartyAds has a more comprehensive set of security and anti-fraud safeguards and agreements than its competitors, making the marketplace safer for all parties involved: publishers and advertisers.


Tyroo was created as a response to the changes in consumption. We set out with a team of experts and innovators to create tools that would help our clients and publishers achieve their business objectives more efficiently.