Brazil’s blogging culture is booming, and the country is blessed to have some of the best bloggers in the world.


From tech to beauty bloggers, Brazilian content creators don’t hesitate to take the profit out of their efforts. Meaning, if you are good at something and people love the way you talk about it, why staying in there? 


Moreover, it’s just as simple as opening your website to online advertising. You’ll benefit from traffic and you can help companies to engage with your audience as well.



Indeed, there are a few ways to make money with blogging:


-Make exclusive content for paying subscribers

-Sell Blog Posts: with caution! Always preserve original and organic content

Choose an Ad Network


That is, advertisers are linked to websites that seek to place adverts through this organization.

Furthermore, an ad network’s primary job is to pool ad supply from publishers and match it to advertiser demand.


To display adverts in specified regions of your website, most ad systems use an automated network. You get a portion of the commission when a customer responds to this material (by watching, clicking on, or making a purchase through the ad), with the remainder going to the network.



This is a full-service SSP platform with over 12 years of ad monetization experience situated in the United Kingdom.

Several publishers buy ad codes to encourage users to read more articles on the same page or to boost referral traffic earnings.


Publishers may access tools, intelligence reports, and customization choices through the network, which is driven by a strong prediction engine.

As a result of their use of MediaFem, publishers receive 70% of the revenue generated by the service. These percentages are the same for all publishers, regardless of geography, and they are not averages.



Note This:

  • There can’t be any more ads on a page or screen than there is content.
  • This site does not allow pop-ups, pop-unders, or redirection.
  • Expandable ad units are not permitted on the site.
  • Video advertising with auto-play audio is not authorized on the site or in the app.
  • Ads that aren’t relevant to the website or app should be removed.
  • A maximum of five ads is allowed on each page of the site. There should be no more than three advertisements per screen in mobile apps.
  • When advertising is blended in with the content, it must be immediately distinguished and recognized as such.
  • Malware can’t spread through ads.
  • The refresh rate is limited to 30 seconds.
  • Cryptography cannot be activated by advertisements.
  • According to the Coalition for Better Ads, a website or app must be compliant.


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