Do you have a Brazilian website or blog and want to know how to obtain a big profit out of it? Here, we show you the best options to do that.

Brazil is the largest Latin American country and the one that has the highest population. There are over 211 million people living here and more than 75% of it has access to the internet. This makes Brazil the fifth country with the most internet users in the world, with approximately 160 million.

Having this in mind, you can clearly see that Brazil has a really large and important market online, which makes advertising more interesting and successful. When you start a website or blog, you first need to obtain engagement and then think about monetizing it. Since the number of users is so high, it can be easy to obtain viewers fast if you have good and creative content. However, since there is so much competition, you need to work hard to get good results.


With this in mind and once you have enough engagement, you can know to find an ad network that works for what you’re looking for. To help you, we gathered three high-paying ad networks for Brazilian publishers.

1. MediaFem

With over 12 years of expertise, MediaFem is a full-service supply-side platform. It includes a robust prediction engine that delivers tools, intelligence reports, and customization possibilities to publishers, all of which are critical to success. All video, display, mobile, and native formats are supported by this ad network. It also often prints advertisements. You have various placement choices to select from, all of which may be tailored to your specific tastes and preferences.

One of its key advantages is the employment of ad styles, which allow you to capture the viewer’s attention on a deeper level, resulting in better outcomes and more cash. Another key benefit is that it offers a non-averaged income-sharing technique for publishers that is not influenced by geographic location.

Please examine the content standards at before signing up. Keep in mind that this ad network only pays out to publishers who have at least $100 in their account at the end of the month. If this occurs, the client must wait 53 days for the payment to be processed.

2. TrafficHaus

TrafficHaus is an advanced ad serving technology that gives publishers and advertisers more control over their inventory and investments. It employs a changeable CPM model using proprietary algorithms on a self-service live bidding platform. Advertisers can also resell existing inventory that cannot be monetized using this platform. Choose the ad size, placement, volume, geographical location, and device(s) on which you want to promote and bid for traffic. Their algorithm considers each advertiser’s bid and budget, as well as the minimums specified by TrafficHaus or the pub, as well as the geographical makeup and other proprietary assessments, and then assigns traffic based on the bid and comparable statistics.

3. Sulvo

Sulvo enables digital media organizations to enhance income while simultaneously minimizing the number of adverts on the site. With its containers, you can rapidly recover lost ad income and help your impressions avoid losing income by recapturing AdBlock visitors instantly, serving unique formats, and including as many of your buyers as possible in the auction. Sulvo allows you to connect all of your buyers, including Ad Manager / AdX, Adsense, Amazon, Rebbe, and any Prebid-compatible demand.

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