Placing ads on your website is a great way to monetize it. And you need to be sure about the highest CPM to get more profit.


CPM stands for Cost Per Mille and it’s a marketing term used to describe the price of a thousand advertisement impressions on a site. Although this is just one way for internet pricing, there’s also CPA and CPC, meaning Cost Per Acquisition and Cost per Click, respectively.


The number of ad views or viewer engagements received by an advertisement is measured in impressions.


CPM Pros


Publishers can benefit greatly from CPM advertising deals. Because users aren’t required to interact with or click on the ad, revenue can be generated more effortlessly. In other words, publishers can earn money just by displaying advertisements on their websites.


Furthermore, CPM ad networks do not require specific market traffic or traffic that is well qualified. Using the CPM approach, determining how much you can spend is simple.


So, in order to earn money through impressions, you need to partner with an Ad Network that does the numbers for you.


How To Choose?


Choosing an ad network is, without a doubt, the finest approach to go about it.

That is, advertisers are linked to websites that want to use this organization to post advertisements.


Furthermore, the basic function of an ad network is to aggregate ad supply from publishers and match it with advertiser demand.


Most ad systems employ an automated network to display advertisements in certain areas of your website. When a visitor responds to this material (by watching, clicking on, or making a purchase through the ad), you get a piece of the commission, with the rest going to the network.


Consider MediaFem


This is a full-service SSP platform based in the United Kingdom with over 12 years of ad monetization experience.



Several publishers purchase ad codes in order to urge visitors to read more articles on the same website or to enhance revenue from referral traffic.


Publishers can use the network to access tools, intelligence reports, and customization options, which are generated by a powerful prediction engine.


Furthermore, publishers receive 70% of the profits made with MediaFem as a result of their use of the service. These percentages are consistent across all publishers, regardless of location, and are not average.


Keep This In Mind:


  • On a page or screen, there can’t be any more advertisements than there is content.
  • Pop-ups, pop-unders, and redirection are not permitted on this site.
  • The site does not allow expandable ad units.
  • On the site and in the app, video advertising with auto-play audio is not permitted.
  • Ads that aren’t appropriate for the website or app need to be taken down.
  • On each page of the site, a maximum of five advertisements is permitted. In mobile apps, there should be no more than three advertising each screen.
  • When ads are mixed in with the content, they must be differentiated and labeled as such right away.
  • Malware cannot be propagated via advertisements.
  • The rate of refresh is capped at 30 seconds.
  • A website or app must be compliant, according to the Coalition for Better Ads.


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