Collaboration with the top blogger and publisher ad network is the best approach to guarantee publisher success in business in 2022. You can learn more about the best ad networks available by reading on.

Ad networks make it easier for information to go between digital publishers and consumers, helping businesses find the proper clients. If ad networks didn’t help aggregate demand, publishers would have to strike partnerships with individuals who were interested in advertising.

Online advertising is becoming a more popular way for people to make money these days. Bloggers, business owners, and content producers are always seeking fresh ways to promote their goods or services, and many of them rely on online advertising to do so.

You can increase the amount of traffic coming to your website or mobile app by using ad networks, which are frequently available. Additionally, advertising makes your brand more visible by encouraging individuals inside and outside of your network to share your content. This allows you to generate better content by identifying which ad material supports your company’s goals and which does not.

In a constantly evolving digital economy, publishers can turn to a variety of networks for assistance in maximising their advertising return on investment (ROI). In order to save you time and improve your chances of success, we’ve reviewed several of the largest advertising networks on the market and picked the best ones for all types of publications to take into account for 2022.

1- MediaFem

A completely working online advertising platform is MediaFem. We’ve developed a strong and user-friendly solution to aid in the growth and success of your website using cutting-edge technology and twelve years of industry experience.

By using the most effective techniques and delivering relevant content, you may create eye-catching advertising that will boost visitors. Compared to other ad networks, this platform is equipped to offer marketers material of greater quality. This platform responds quickly to ad requests, guaranteeing that every impression is given to your potential customers in the most cosy way.

In exchange for running these advertisements, publishers receive 70% of the money made by MediaFem in conjunction with the service. Your minimum payout is $100, guaranteeing a consistent flow of money as your traffic goes up.

Additionally, it accepts widely used payment methods like Paypal for paying publishers. It is recognised as one of the most equitable digital arbitrage systems in the industry and one of the fastest paying in terms of payment timelines.

2-Triple Lift

Triple Lift focuses on native ads, branded content, and branded video ad networks. Incorporating native direct offers into publishers’ current ad stacks is something they help with. Your users will enjoy pleasant and interesting advertising interactions thanks to their native in-feed adverts.

They use their own exclusive technology to create ad placements for publishers that are consistent with the look and feel of each of their websites. The native ad framework offers image, scroll, cinemagraph, carousel, and other ad types.


The omni-channel monetization solution and free ad server offered by Smaato‘s digital advertising technology platform. They provide publishers unrivalled control over their revenue. Publishers may manage their whole inventory from a single spot and import their own data.

They offer both sophisticated ad solutions and complex ad formats. Client satisfaction and money maximisation are two more areas where Smaato excels.