In recent years we have seen the emergence and popularization of this technique known as Native Ads or native ads platform. And far from disappearing, it is an increasingly important part of strategies. So much so, that it is estimated that in 2021 they constituted 75% of advertising revenue.

All in all, this is a fantastic niche for businesses and publicists, with great potential to continue to generate ever-increasing profits in the future. Don’t miss out on this unique marketing opportunity!

In this article we are going to talk about what native advertising is, analyze in detail the most common formats in which it is presented and see what the benefits are for your businesses. If you want to reveal all its secrets, keep reading!

What Is Native Advertising?

We can define native advertising or native advertising as “a form of advertising in paid media that adapts in form and functionality to the environment in which it appears, allowing the user to be impacted in a less intrusive way than with traditional advertising”.

An essential element of this type of advertising is that it is not perceived as advertising, since it is 100% integrated into its environment. For example, when it is located in an online medium, we will see that it fully respects the format and editorial style. Still, for ethical reasons, we must always clearly show that it is promoted content.

To be successful, native advertising depends on the quality of the content. This must not be excessively promotional and must always provide value to the user, whether in the form of information, entertainment, or, better yet, both at the same time!

We must first talk about the user’s problems and concerns, and only then can we present our product or service as a possible solution.

Another key is that it must be completely adapted to the different devices and platforms that we can find on the Internet, whether through texts, images, videos, or interactive content with which the user can dialogue.

5 Benefits of native advertising

  1. More new traffic. Native advertising allows us to reach users who no longer respond to traditional advertising, so it can be a very interesting source of traffic. In addition, this traffic usually has a fairly low cost per click.
  2. More visibility. Users are “trained” to ignore advertisements when reading articles online. But by being integrated, native ads overcome these defenses and manage to be 53% more visible than classic banners.
  3. Better browsing experience. Since we are not interrupting the users’ reading, the browsing experience is much more pleasant with native advertising, and consequently the reputation of our businesses improves. The result is that users receive this advertising better and are more willing to share it, especially in the case of content ads. In fact, 32% of users would share advertising through their social networks if it brings them useful value. We see, therefore, that the possibilities to trigger a viral response are much greater than in the case of traditional advertising.
  4. Learning about the interests of the target. The analysis of the reactions to the content that we disseminate will allow us to modulate and adapt our communication strategy so that it is increasingly effective.
  5. More entries at the top of the conversion funnel. Native advertising is not aimed at direct sales, but at attracting users in the early stages of interest through content that is attractive to them. Therefore, it is a good way to create audiences to carry out retargeting campaigns and guide them little by little on the way to becoming loyal customers of the business.

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