Nowadays, thanks to the advancement of technology, people are constantly connected. More and more people in the world have access to a smartphone and this can be good for your sports site because it allows you to reach a larger audience. 

Imagine being able to watch the sports you love, create content, and monetize that time. One of the most important things is that the content of the site is written independently.

While anyone can start a blog or a page, the issue is one of sustenance, because AdSense can present articles for your page but it takes almost two months to enable them. For independent writers, there are pages like MediaFem, which are responsible for being the link between Google ads and blogs that are just getting started.














MediaFem is one of the most effective ad platforms for monetizing your sport content. It is obvious that, as a beginner, generating new revenues will be difficult because it is not as simple as you believe. Even if you have lazy moments, it takes perseverance and desire to always publish material.

You can make money with MediaFem without selling anything, registering it on an unknown gaming app, or downloading something suspicious to your mobile device.

If you want to learn how to make money with MediaFem, this is all you need to know.



How Does MediaFem Work? 

MediaFem works by using an algorithm to evaluate the content of the gaming app in order to present related advertisements that may be of interest to a visitor. When a visitor clicks on the ad code provided by this ad monetization website, you will earn money.

How Much Money Can You Make With MediaFem?

The amount of money you can make is always proportional to the number of visitors per day your blog post receives. Furthermore, you can post 6 ads per page to get more impressions or clicks. Another factor that influences what you can gain is the niche of the gaming mobile app, because some clicks are more valuable than others due to the overall performance of the ad.

How does MediaFem make money? 

Your payments are sent to MediaFem via bank transfer or PayPal. They send money to any country in the world (worldwide). MediaFem does not charge any upfront fees when paying in Net53 terms because they use a Rev. Share model of 70% for Publishers. These percentages are consistent regardless of a publisher’s geographic location and are not averaged across publishers in any way.

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