Read this article to learn about the best practises to keep in mind if you want to increase your earnings.

In-App Advertising is the paid placement of media within a mobile or social application, whether as a visible interactive unit on the app’s screen or as an interstitial interruption at some point in the app’s flow. Although similar to web announcements, in-app announcements operate primarily outside of the context of a browser, providing access to certain native platform capabilities at the expense of standardization and interoperability.

If you intend to use in-app video ads, you should be aware of your options and how to balance the revenue generated with the app’s user experience. App users have the option to skip video ads after five seconds.

As a result, it’s critical to ensure that you’re serving the right in-app video ads to users at the right time in order to achieve the best results. The following are some best practices for getting started with in-app video ads.

1. Make use of ad filters

To ensure that your app users want to watch the in-app video ads, you must first understand who your users are and what types of content they are interested in. Once you have that information, you can use ad filters to ensure that the video ads are only shown to users of your customised app who are interested in watching them. For example, if you have a food-related app, you should adjust your ad filter settings to show video ads that are relevant to foodies.

2. Use mediation to optimize ad network

In terms of revenue, you don’t have to be concerned about incorporating an ad network that may reduce your overall revenue. Once incorporated, it will automatically adjust your mediation stack based on the most recent eCPM (estimated cost per thousand impressions), so that ads from the highest-paying ad network are served first.Overall, adding more ad networks increases your chances of filling your ad spaces. You can also set a minimum eCPM for your ad spaces, which means that your in-app video ads will not be shown unless they meet a certain price. This may result in fewer ads being shown to your users, but the ads that are shown will generate more revenue.

3. Select the best location

Consider what is most important to your users when deciding on when and where to place in-app video ads. For example, in a gaming app, you don’t want a video ad to appear when the user is in the middle of a game, or in a yoga app, when the user is in the middle of a meditation moment. You want to make sure that your video ad appears when the user is willing to interact with it, not when it will interrupt the user experience.

4. Use MediaFem to earn money from your paid app.

In addition to generating revenue from in-app video ads, you can use video ads to entice free app users to upgrade to the ad-free paid version of your app. This means no additional development costs or new features, just a free version with advertisements and a paid version without advertisements.

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5. Use rewarded video ads to boost app engagement.

Rewarded video ads allow your app users to watch a video in exchange for in-app rewards. If you show rewarded video ads to app users at the right time, for example, to help them unlock features or advance to the next level, they may be more likely to engage with those ads and continue to use your app afterward.