Finance is one of the ad industry’s best-performing segments, with high CPMs. Publishers must track seasonal spending across industries and seasonal swings in CPMs in order to achieve the maximum ad CPMs and dollars. In this post, we’ll discuss the finest ad network for finance bloggers and publishers that want to target tier one traffic from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

The Best Ad Network for Finance Bloggers is MediaFem.

We are aware of a number of ad networks, but MediaFem is one of the most successful and money-generating ad networks for publishers with finance blogs who want to boost their ad revenue. The key advantages of enrolling with MediaFem, particularly during the January-March tax season, are listed below.

Increase your income by taking advantage of the peak season.

It’s that time of year once more. The financial planning season is approaching, and the build-up for Finance bloggers and publications is already underway. Finance-related publishers raise their ad expenditure during this period to stay in front of this audience, as readers become more cautious about post-holiday budgeting and search the internet for help with taxes and savings.

Get direct access to financial ad spends that aren’t available anywhere else.

Niche content has a cyclical growth pattern. The months of January to April are the most important for finance publications in terms of increased traffic to their content. As a result of the increased traffic, ad agencies are willing to pay top price for high visibility on reputable blogs. This is where the revenue potential is located.

Bring in monetization partners who have a track record of success.

Only your ad partner can make your monetization strategy successful. Your ad network’s demand partnerships have a big impact on your revenue. To that end, it’s critical that you select an ad platform that complements your present setup while also providing high CTRs during your season.

Join MediaFem

Creating your MediaFem Publisher account is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these simple steps and start earning money with us today!

1. Go to the MediaFem homepage, click the “Sign up” button.

2. Fill out the form with your name, Website URL or Download URL (only for mobile apps), email, and password. Don’t forget to agree our terms and privacy policy clicking the checkbox at the bottom. Sometimes you only need to add an email and a URL to sign in up, then we will request more information your account inside our dashboard.

Examples of a Website URL:

Examples of a App Download URL:

Android –

iOS –

What if you don’t have access to a URL?

You can’t monetize your audience until you have a website or a mobile app URL. However, you may make a free blog at,, or Following that, adding MediaFem ad codes to Wix or Blogger is simple; click here to learn how. Please click here to learn how to add codes to WordPress.