Among the most preferred opportunities to earn money passively is through app monetization. Extra labor, as well as professional expertise and time, are not required. You just need to let a company prepared for this manage your site, putting publishing that will be the key to your revenues.

Algorithms carefully select mobile ads based on information gathered from both your site and your visitors. Every ad decision made by a customer earns you money and increases site traffic. This is a brilliant combination with just one purpose: exponential growth! This is a transaction in which you may be paid according to the amount of traffic and views your page receives.

There are a variety of platforms from which to build your website, but the end result will differ depending on which one you choose. It’s difficult to analyze all of the facts, especially when they all appear to be favorable on the surface. Take into account statistics, minimum flow, type of content, revenue proportion, and any other factors that are crucial to you in making this critical selection.

Besides, deciding on a new management firm is a difficult task. You must be exceedingly cautious to avoid making a mistake because the market is swamped with offerings that all look to be the best at first glance. We understand that this is a difficult decision, so after completing considerable research, we’ve reduced it to the three best options. We propose that you begin your training with one of them and see the improvement from the first seat.

This short-list is the one that we have created after analyzing and studying the different competitors online. We hope it will be useful for you.


MediaFem, on the other hand, is a seasoned firm. You’ll get 70% of the revenue generated by MediaFem activities, and the platform will get 30%. It works by utilising an algorithm to decipher the content of a website or app in order to display a connected ad that researchers might be interested in. After the initial view, you add the ad data provided by the advertising provider, and you are paid for each person who interacts with it. To get started working, you don’t need a starting wage, expert expertise, or past experience.

One of MediaFem’s unique characteristics is its dedication to continually enhancing the quality of its publications, with the goal of offering the best at the right moment for the appropriate consumer. It responds quickly to advertising needs and ensures that all information is accurate. MediaFem has developed into the company it is today by providing high-quality data and employing more innovative strategies than other ad networks.

If you’re interested in learning more, go to the FAQ page, where you’ll find a variety of answers.


Adversal is a self-service advertising system that gives publishers complete control over their inventory. The formats of native, video, and display advertising are all supported. Their ad tag is intended to protect users from common forms of cybercrime while also complying with privacy requirements such as the GDPR.

Publishing companies are free to determine their own objectives, and Adversal will assist them in achieving them. To use Adserval, a blogger must own the domain name and receive at least 50k monthly visits. They also forbid explicit sexual content and illegal content.


PropellerAds is an ad network that provides a broad variety of industry-leading ad-serving and optimization solutions to online marketers and website publishers.

PropellerAds supports a variety of ad formats, including display, native, pop-under, and push notifications. The platform allows you to create campaigns and get real-time reporting for your advertising, making it simple to track and manage.