Are you looking for a way to promote your app with video ads? Continue reading because we have the finest option for you.

When we talk about in-app it refers to mobile apps that may monetize their real estate by showing ads to their users through in-app advertising. In other words, ad buyers pay them to place advertisements in their app. Because in-app advertisements are adjusted to fit the screen and appear more appealing, they provide a better user experience, enhancing total engagement.

The best ad format is to use video ads because it will help you optimize your revenue. Besides, many firms are investing in video advertisements these days since video ads have a visual impact on viewers in a short period. Another benefit is that viewers are more likely to share films, increasing an advertiser’s amount of exposure with each sharing.

If you want to monetize your app, you should correct the best ad network for you. However, finding the correct ad network may be challenging due to the vast number of options available and the fact that each one runs differently, making selecting the wrong one pricey. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular ad networks to save your time.


 MediaFem is the most effective advertising network. By putting our text or image ad banners on your website and encouraging visitors to click on them, you can earn money.

MediaFem is a profitable and effective ad network that may be able to assist you in increasing your profits. You can also use a range of advertising formats for mobile ads and websites, such as banners, displays, native ads, and videos.

You can show up to five advertising per page and three advertisements per screen using MediaFem. Many publishers employ ad codes to bring visitors from all over the world to their websites.


Zoomd’s unique performance-based advertising platform is committed to assisting advertisers and publishers in achieving their key performance indicators (KPIs). The company’s User Acquisition technology brings together over 600 media sources, including Google, TikTok, Samsung premium inventory, and more, into one dashboard.

Zoomd is responsible for deciding which business model is best for you, detecting fraud that gives you an extra degree of protection and controlling all campaigns from a single screen.


AdColony was founded in 2011 by mobile developers, for mobile developers, and has since evolved to become one of the world’s largest mobile advertising and monetization platforms, with a global reach of more than 1.5 billion people.

AdColony is known for its Instant-PlayTM HD video, AuroraTM HD Interactive video, and playable technologies, as well as its global performance advertising expertise, programmatic marketplace, and substantial ad SDK presence in the most popular apps across the world.

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