Usually, as blog writers, we start writing content out of passion or simply because we like to do it. When we see that, thanks to the content created, we begin to receive positive feedback or that there is a growth of the blog the first thing we think is if we can monetize our content. The answer is yes, one of the ways is with an Ad Platform.

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The most popular Ad Platform is the one developed by Google in 2003, better known as Google AdSense. However, this does not mean that it is the one you should use to monetize your blog. In fact, there are other alternatives and it is best that you use the one you consider best suited to your site.

Some of these other options are, for example, MediaFem, Adcash and Taboola.

  • MediaFem

MediaFem is a supply-side platform that brings together publishers and advertisers. It does so by collecting a commission on on-site revenue generated by the program using a programmatic platform like Google Ad Manager.

The use of Ad Styles is one of its most major advantages. These pique the viewer’s interest on a deeper level, boosting the chances that they will click on the ad, resulting in more revenue for you. Another big benefit is that MediaFem offers non-average publishers a revenue-sharing agreement. It is also unaffected by the publisher’s physical address.

MediaFem only pays publishers who have at least $100 in their account at the end of the month. If this occurs, the client will have to wait for the payment to be processed for 53 days.

  • Adcash

Adcash has a monthly advertising revenue of billions of dollars and over 200 million daily visitors. They claim to be able to fill inventories 100% of the time, allowing publishers to profit from their internet visitors with no effort.

While the platform is known for its dynamic CPM monetization and user experience, the manual option is also available. Adcash also accepts smartphone advertising and provides a smart network for personalized targeting.


There is no minimum traffic need for approval, and there are several payment options.

  • Taboola

This ad network assigns campaigns to certain publications and displays the results in a newsfeed fashion. A/B testing, online content discovery, and native advertising are the major characteristics. Taboola is a great tool for creating campaigns because it gives you a lot of targeting choices. It also caters to a variety of audiences. It does not, however, have a user-friendly interface or performance whitelisting.

With Taboola, you’ll pay for your ads on a CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per mill) basis. Your bid determines the amount you’ll be charged for each click (on CPC) or view (on CPM) on one of your ads.

You just have to pay when someone clicks on your adverts as part of a campaign.

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