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Modern times have brought about a slew of dramatic changes that have the potential to affect every aspect of our lives. One of these aspects is ways to make money. We’re going to talk about making money through advertising networks in the midst of a sea of possibilities.

An ad network works on your website, adding published content that has been carefully selected based on algorithms that have been studied on your website and your customers’ interests. This allows you to target the best audience for your blog, increasing not only your revenue but also your flow.

There are numerous facts to consider. Many of them include your page’s initial flow, content type, viewer activity, and more. However, the ad company’s terms are the most important because you must find the one that best suits your business. Advertising platforms are used by both advertisers and publishers. An ad network, like a broker, accumulates huge view counts from publishers and starts selling them to advertisers.

Selecting the perfect option for your business in a sea of options is not always an easy job. After a difficult search with many options, we narrowed the search down to the top three advertising mediums. We believe you will benefit from it.

1- MediaFem

The most efficient and personable advertising agency is MediaFem. You can earn money by displaying text or images on your blog, adding banners, and encouraging visitors to scroll through them.

It has developed a set of adaptable marketing principles that enable each advertisement to reach customers who are interested in the information provided. In exchange for placing advertisements on the site, publishers receive 70% of the money collected by MediaFem.


Tapjoy is revolutionizing handheld marketing and software advertising. It works with Brand Advertisers to help them reach their target mobile audience, for example, through promoted video ads and our offer wall. Tapjoy helps media companies acquire new users and monetize their mobile apps.



OpenX is yet another high-performing and premium video ad network that connects advertisers and publishers via their platform by employing remarkable and efficient tactics and technology. It gives you several options in various ad formats and models for making a lot of money with little effort; in-content and in-content sticky are two of the most popular ad formats.

It claims to have 100% fill rates and a large number of customers because it has global access to consumers in 200 countries and draws traffic from them. If you use it as your advertising network, you will be able to select the target demographic and bid on it yourself, allowing you to earn more money. You can use any available advertising server or player because it supports nearly all of them. It also works with all screens and web pages from all over the world.

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Lifotravel · March 6, 2022 at 9:19 am

this is amaing ad network in i would be part of this network.

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