Are you trying to find the best display advertising network in 2022? Check these ones!

Display advertising networks enable your company to run adverts that reach the widest potential audience. In fact, digital display advertising networks have been used in the development of a focused client base. You may use targeting with the Display Network to show your advertisements in certain contexts, to specific audiences, in specific areas, and more.

With its targeting capabilities, display networks assist you in reaching the ideal audience by intelligently displaying your message to potential consumers at the right place and right time. These are the benefits of using display advertising networks:

  • Reach out to folks in numerous locations.
  • Create campaigns based on your objectives.
  • Designed to be simple to use.


With this in mind, you probably want to try these platforms and see if they meet your needs. To do this, you should know that there are a lot of these online, and that using the wrong one can be extremely damaging for you and your business. To help you with that choice, we put together the three best display advertising networks in 2022:

1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that connects content websites with advertisers using programmatic platforms and then charges a fee depending on the software’s on-site revenue. It has created a set of adjustable marketing guidelines that allow each advertisement to target individuals who are interested in the content being offered.

Publishers receive 70% of the money collected by MediaFem in exchange for displaying advertisements on the site. These percentages are never averaged among publishers and remain consistent regardless of a publisher’s geographical location.

Every 53 days, rain or shine, this platform pays publishers. PayPal payments are always made on the first of the month, including on weekends and holidays. All other payment options become available on the first business day of each month and may take longer to reach your account depending on the payment method you select.

2. Taboola

Taboola is a well-known content discovery and native advertising platform that allows marketers to reach highly targeted audiences and scale traffic growth. Its personalized content recommendations may be accessed via a customisable widget at the bottom, top, or side of blog posts, as well as via the feed. It also enables you to target your audience depending on their location, device, operating system, and kind of connection.

You also have entire control over your campaigns, from setting your own goals to altering your campaign’s daily ad distribution once it’s live. Taboola is an excellent alternative for people who want precise statistics on the efficacy of their advertisements and understand where they can improve their tactics.

3. Epom

The most unique feature of working with Epom is that they genuinely let potential clients to check out their service before making a payment. There aren’t many digital display advertising networks that provide a free trial period.

The main benefit of Epom’s free trial is that it allows newcomers to display advertising to explore and understand how the industry works. This implies that you may use Epom to test run your company ads to see if digital display advertising will produce the necessary outcomes for your organization.


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