Are you trying to find the best way to monetize your Blogspot page? Keep on reading; you are in the correct post.

Blogspot, or Blogger, is a service that was developed by Pyra Labs and acquired by Google in 2003 that allows you to create and publish an online blog. The user does not need to write any code or install any server or scripting programs in order to publish content. It’s a very practical tool, but have you thought about the possibility of earning your own income every time your posts are viewed? It is possible!

If you have your own site, independent of the flow it has, you can earn money. The best way of doing it nowadays is by using CPM ad networks. CPM is an abbreviation of “cost per mille,” also known as “cost per thousand impressions.” It is a measurement of the cost of having an ad published and seen 1,000 times on a website.  The CPM model allows businesses to benefit from each ad that is displayed. As it focuses on impressions rather than clicks, it is the most prevalent pricing method for mobile ads and the most popular among mobile publishers.

Advertising networks add publishing to your website and compensate you every time a visitor clicks or scrolls over the ad. Promotions are selected by a series of prose written with information taken from your site and viewer algorithms. It makes your flow increase and, as a consequence, your regard.

There are a lot of possibilities for choosing a platform for your site, but you won’t have the same result if you choose one or another.You must consider all of the facts, which is not an easy task, especially when they all appear to be excellent at first glance.

There are many stories of bad businesses that made people lose time and money, and that’s a very important reason for us to advise you, guided by acquired knowledge, which are the three best options on the web.


MediaFem is a well-managed, pleasant, and knowledgeable company. It operates by using an algorithm to interpret the website content or blog in order to present a meaningful ad that may be of interest to researchers. You insert the ad information provided by the advertising provider, and you are paid every time someone clicks or scrolls on it after the first view. To begin earning, you do not need a starting salary. It has a high regard for you on the internet. The earnings-to-pay ratio for the company is 70-30. 70 represents you, while 30 represents the company.

Unlike other ad networks, this software focuses on providing bloggers with higher-quality content. It responds quickly to advertising requests, ensuring that each aspect is presented in the most convenient manner possible. MediaFem grew into the company that it is today by providing high-quality information and using more effective methods than other ad networks.


Your impressions won’t lose money with Sulvo because impressions that aren’t sold don’t count against your monthly quota. Even if you haven’t served an ad, ad servers frequently count “unfilled impressions” as if they were any other delivered and sold impression.

Sulvo adheres to the IAB/GDPR, the Coalition for Better Ads Standards, as well as Google’s own SEO and ad quality criteria. Indeed, switching from two previous ad units to a single Sulvo unit will almost surely improve your SEO, Ad Quality, and Chrome user experience.


For desktop and mobile app developers, AdGate Media is a revenue-generating platform. This is accomplished through non-intrusive advertising that rewards customers for interacting with high-end businesses.

The AdGate Incentives offer wall, their flagship product, allows customers to engage with luxury brand in exchange for virtual rewards on their chosen website or app.