Looking for ways to monetize your ads through other platforms besides Taboola? Keep reading, we have the best alternatives for you. 

Taboola is an ad network platform that shows you the most relevant and new content, including news, topical information, tips, new products or services, or entertainment content. What makes Taboola a great option to generate revenue from your traffic is that it helps you to promote your website or blog at the right time when your audience is more receptive. 

It also customizes content recommendations for your audience depending on their location, device, operating system, and online service type. In addition, the platform gives recommendations to customers that they may enjoy. 

But, in case you don’t find this platform useful, here are some ad network alternatives that might be of interest to you.


1. MediaFem 

MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that distributes content for advertisers and publishers who want to make money from their ads. 

Joining MediaFem is easy and free. You don’t need to pay a subscription and the platform pays you 70% of the cost when you have a balance of at least $100 at the end of the month. 

To highlight, MediaFem offers a wide variety of advertising options, including video, display, native, desktop, and mobile phone ads, so you can feel free to choose those that suit better to your needs. 

 2. Outbrain 

Outbrain is an advertising network founded in 2006 that functions as a recommendation platform and provides website suggestion feeds. With the help of targeted advertising, it suggests articles, slideshows, blog posts, images, and videos to a reader. 

The platform was created to fix the issue with publishers who try to replicate the print experience of turning a page to find the next article or product on the web. 

This ad network receives money from each click paid to them by the websites that visitors visit. They then split the proceeds with the media that are displaying the advertisements. 

3. PropellerAds 

Propeller Ads is a self-managed advertising network that is linked to its members’ websites, allowing visitors to access all of the content regardless of which site they visit through the platform. Every time someone visits one of your pages, you receive money. Your income will depend on the sort of ad you have and the area where it is placed. 

This AdTech brand, which was launched in 2011, pays you for every person who sees your advertising, allowing you to use cost-effective performance marketing solutions to help your company expand all over the world. 


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