Are you looking for an alternative to ProperllerAds to monetize your blog or website? We’ve listed three ad network options for you to consider.

The best advertising for your business is display ads because of their structure, display advertising has the ability to boost your marketing ROI by increasing brand awareness and visibility, as well as targeting appropriate consumers with retargeting campaigns. 

Using advertising you can promote your products or services while also attracting website visitors. Text-based, image-based, or video advertisements that convince users to visit a landing page and take action are common examples of this type of advertising.

Display adverting will help you stand out from the competition because there are many companies that offer the same product.  Besides, with this advertising, you will obtain more customers.



Before investing in advertising, finding a trustworthy ad network is critical, but finding one can be difficult for publishers because each ad network’s performance varies and does not produce the same results. That’s why if you tried  PropellerAds but the optimization wasn’t as you expected, we suggest experimenting with the following ad networks:


MediaFem is the best ad network for display ads. You can earn money by putting our text or image advertisement banners on your site and encourage users to click on them.

MediaFem is a lucrative and effective ad network that allows you to make even more money from your website. What distinguishes them from other ad networks? MediaFem’s ad network offers personalized content, optimization tools, video, display, native, desktop, and mobile ads, to name a few.

With MediaFem, you can display up to five commercials per page on sites and three advertisements per screen. Many publishers utilize ad codes to attract visitors from all over the world to their websites.


By connecting to premium advertiser demand through Criteo’s Direct Bidder, publishers can optimize their ad revenue on both web and mobile devices.

Criteo provides access to over 20 000 global retail large brand clients for publishers. Their direct bidder works with a variety of ad units, including display, native, video, and ad-blocked impressions, among others.



Adlane is the most effective approach to monetize your traffic in all of the most common formats. Characteristics The project is specifically designed to be the most effective way to monetize your audience with easy integration and popular ad formats: CPM / CPC models for browser push notifications, in-page push, popunder, display, and video.

The platform comes with a slew of additional capabilities to make ad administration easier, including the ability to analyze monetization effectiveness, obtain ad tags, change ad formats to match your site, and create new zones.

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