If you’re looking for monetizing a website and getting good profits, then you should understand that not every ad network works the same way. In case Adxoo Networks hasn’t met your expectations, we picked three of the best alternatives to it.

But first, let’s explain some things. Traffic monetization is the practice of converting existing traffic directed to a certain website into money. The most common methods of monetizing a website are pay-per-click (PPC) and cost-per-impression (CPI/CPM) advertising. Various ad networks assist a webmaster in placing adverts on pages of a website in order to benefit from the traffic the site receives.

For this goal, you can use Adxoo Network, founded to assist Publishers and Advertisers in monetizing and distributing advertisements across the most prominent technology platforms. They help their partners to get the best outcomes possible by providing a global development platform.


However, if you have already tried it and wasn’t what you needed, we present to you the best alternatives to it:

1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a full-service SSP network located in the United Kingdom with over 13 years of ad monetization experience. Many publishers employ ad codes to encourage readers to read more on the same page or to earn income from referral traffic. This advertising agency employs cutting-edge analytics to give clients A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization, all of which are crucial for new media success.

MediaFem supports all video, audio, display, mobile, and native formats and it partners with Publishers on a revenue-sharing basis of 70%, with no upfront costs. These figures are the same for all publishers, independent of location, and they are not averaged. Publishers can choose between header bidding and the standard One Ad Code option for their implementations. 

Simple ad integration into any digital audio material, whether a podcast, music download, or digital broadcast, may assist publishers in boosting income while improving sound quality. The majority of streaming servers enable both client-side and server-side ad insertion.

2. RadiumOne

RadiumOne pioneered the use of social media as an advertising strategy and is a well-known CPM ad platform that can be used to monetize a wide range of content. It works with text, pictures, and video material and is designed to appeal to both desktop and mobile users.

Payments are issued every other week, and you must earn $100 to be eligible. Once you begin producing money with RadiumOne, you may request payment by PayPal, wire transfer, or cheque made payable to you.

3. Criteo

Criteo has swiftly gained popularity and risen to the top of the list of revenue generators for website owners and writers. Criteo is well-positioned to provide website owners advertising with high CPM and outstanding conversions, having delivered over 740 billion ads in 2014 alone and an astounding 7800+ advertisers worldwide. Furthermore, they are putting a strong focus on machine learning and mobile.

Because of its capacity to produce more money for its clients, Criteo sees an astounding 96 percent renewal of service agreements by advertisers. This effectively translates into higher profitability for publishers, who routinely benefit from higher revenues than competitors.

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