Do you want to monetize your website? We have the best ad networks for you.

A research revealed that many people spend more time online since they work from home and are always at home. As a result, in order to reach all users, many businesses and blogs spend on advertising in order to increase traffic to their websites.

Advertising is now an important part of many businesses since it is the most effective approach to attract customers and stay competitive in a market when there are many companies offering the same product or service. As a result, you should use advertising to attract additional customers.

It is critical to receive a yield optimization before investing in advertising. However, finding a good ad network is tough for publishers because each ad network’s performance is different and does not produce the same results.

If you used AdPushUP and didn’t get the results you wanted, we propose these ad networks:


MediaFem  may help you make money by displaying our text or image advertisement banners on your site and encouraging people to click on them.

MediaFem is an ad network that connects you with other publishers to help you monetize and market your blog or website. Its ad forms, personalized content, optimization, and intelligence reports are well-known. Video, display, native, desktop, and mobile phone ads are among the advertising alternatives available.

MediaFem allows you to show up to five adverts per page and three advertisements per screen on mobile apps. Ad codes are used by many publishers to bring visitors from all over the world to their websites.

2- SmartyAds

SmartyAds is a media-selling network designed for publishers who want to maximize their earnings.  They serve over 2 billion daily impressions, resulting in the greatest CPMs, CTRs, and fill rates in the industry, which can reach 100% in some cases. SmartyAds also offers rewarded videos, interstitials, native advertisements, and banners as well as a variety of desktop and mobile ad types.


With over 10,000 ongoing campaigns throughout the world, Adcash is an online advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers.

Pop-under, native advertisements, push notifications, banners, and interstitials are among the best-performing ad types for both online and mobile monetization. Adcasch provide a lot of tools and features that assist publishers in better monetizing their traffic. Additionally, their technology works through adblockers.

Publishers can count on them for high eCPMs, flexible payment terms, real-time statistics, and support. Publishers can take their monetization strategy to the next level with the support of their professional and multilingual account managers.

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