Are you looking for a way to monetize your website or blog? Here we have three ad network options for you to try.  

These platforms help you to make a profit from your traffic. In addition, thanks to their easy distribution of ads, your site will be able to have a greater reach on the Internet without the need of creating them on your own. This also gives you more time for you to take care of the management of your blog, being sure that your ads will be distributed safely and securely. 

In addition, many ad networks have the advantage that they have customization options with which you can adapt them to your website or blog. 


Since ad networks accept banners, native ads, videos, and other types of advertising, we recommend these monetization platforms to suit your needs. 

1. MediaFem 

MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that uses programmatic platforms to connect content websites with advertisers. 

The ads are managed by algorithms that allow them to have a wider audience reach, allowing interested people to access them. In return for showing adverts on the site, publishers earn 70% of the money collected by MediaFem. 

This ad network is unique in that it offers many positioning options that may be tailored to your website’s design and appearance, resulting in a personalized experience for the customer. 


2. Index Exchange  

Index Exchange is an international advertising marketplace that brings more value to media owners and marketers. 

Its ad exchange system allows media owners to achieve higher revenues and marketers to reach consumers with any ad format. 

What this platform offers is to create programmatic advertising solutions to offer publishers and advertisers total market efficiency while delivering maximum value. 


3. Vortex Advertising  

Vortex Advertising is a global advertising company that offers marketers advanced traffic monetization options where advertisers and publishers work together to provide outstanding support. 

This platform is intended to create a productive communication channel between brands and their customers. Their objective is to assist advertisers in generating high-quality traffic while also assisting publishers in increasing their revenue with little cost and effort. 


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