Hundreds of developers all around the world are trying to find the best way to generate money from their applications. We have an excellent answer.

Many years ago, utilizing advertising companies to manage the actions of different apps, it’s been a great and successful decision. Developers noticed amazing changes in their accountancy and page flow. There are two important tasks if you want to make a business from your creation.

Advertising platforms take care of your site by analyzing its content and stats. According to its results, in addition to the results taken from your viewers, these companies start their processes. AI makes almost all the analyses evaluate every algorithm.

Advertising companies count on a great selection of other businesses interested in publishing their content, products, or services. So, the platforms link your app with the publisher from one side and with the viewer from the other. Viewers come to your app, and while they are using it, the management platform displays at the perfect moment the announcement that will catch their attention. So, the customer will interact with the ad, and from that action, you will receive money. Could you believe it?

This is a magnificent procedure where every part of the transaction benefits: viewers, publishers, and app developers. As it is a completely positive business, hundreds of app owners are trying to find a good company to handle their projects. Many companies are offering their services on the cloud.

Every advertising platform has its own requirements and specific benefits. It happens in the same way with the characteristics of every app and the expectations that each developer pretends to achieve. In this scenario, it is completely important to be clear on every task.

We recommend thoroughly researching every aspect of your site and creating a checklist of your expectations.This will be a great tool when you’re analysing different competitors. Know each one from the roots to the top and be sure that it will be the best company for your enterprise. Making a good or bad decision will determine the outcome of your efforts.

So, if you want to begin this way to success, read the captions below and choose the company that best fits into your site’s qualities and business expectations. Don’t miss any more time and begin today!

1- MediaFem

This company is maybe the best ad network to monetize your web sites or apps. It’s the most friendly, powerful, and competent one on the industry. Many bloggers, entrepreneurs of internet sites and apps, companies, and plenty of other developers use its services to level and boost their income and traffic amount. MediaFem is evident, and each item is perfectly aimed and focused. it’s an easy framework, customizable ad campaigns, and also the highest level of digital professionalism. It’s important to notice that

MediaFem splits the respect it earns through its efforts 70% with the page suppliers and only 30% with the corporate. It works by using an algorithm to research an internet site or blog so as to make a cosmopolitan program during which users can play a vigorous role. When a user scrolls, clicks or interacts on an ad you’ve got shared from a sponsor, you may receive your revenue.

2- Tapjoy

A top provider of mobile advertising and app monetization is Tapjoy. With the assistance of the Tapjoy platform, publishers may interact with app users through value-exchange advertising, which increases app user awareness, engagement, and other metrics crucial to their overall success.

Leading international app publishers depend upon the Tapjoy platform to monetise their content, expand their audiences, and reward their users. Tapjoy, a multinational company with its headquarters in San Francisco and operations in Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, and Santa Barbara, was founded in 2006. Visit for extra details.

3- AdColony

AdColony collaborates with individuals and enterprises to help them maximize their strategies and connections thanks to solid support staff with five years of experience.

The founding team of AdColony, one of the first mobile app developers on iOS, realized the importance of gaining users and generating revenue while upholding a positive user experience.


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