There are a ton of ways to monetize a website and that’s thanks to the advance of technology. If you specifically want to advertise with CPM banners, then this article is perfect for you.

When we talk about CPM, we’re referring to Cost Per Mile, one common way to measure advertising online. It is the fee paid by an advertiser for one thousand views or impressions of his or her advertisement. In marketing, it is used as a benchmarking statistic to evaluate the relative cost of an advertising campaign or ad message in a specific media.

So, what’s CPM Banner? These are advertisements that can be placed horizontally or vertically on the page and are measured in CPM. They catch the viewer’s attention with their large extension and are one of the most used ads online. You could say that banners are one of the best ways to place advertisements, and that’s why publishers are so interested in them.


With this in mind, now we can talk about what are the best CPM banner ad networks that you can use to gain more profits. These are:

1. MediaFem

MediaFem is a piece of software that connects content websites with advertisers via programmatic platforms (such as Google Ad Manager), charging a fee on on-site revenue generated by the software.

All video, display, mobile, and native formats are supported by MediaFem. It also often posts advertisements. You may select from a number of placement choices, all of which can be tailored to your website’s design and look. To take advantage of real-time bidding, this ad network provides a variety of header bidding choices.

Because they employ a revenue-sharing scheme of 70% for publishers, MediaFem does not impose any upfront costs when paying in Net53 terms. These percentages are unaffected by any conditions and stay constant regardless of a publisher’s geographical location. Keep in mind that MediaFem only pays out to publishers who have at least $100 in their account at the end of the month. If this occurs, you will be required to wait 53 days for the payment to be completed.

2. Publift

Publift is a supplier of simple and cutting-edge programmatic advertising solutions. Clients of Publift generally enjoy a 55 percent boost in ad income. They are “obsessed with boosting publishers’ companies,” in their own words. This ad network, as a Google Certified Publishing Partner, is a great solution for publishers looking to monetize, expand their company, and deliver quality advertising with minimum impact on their user experience.

3. Conversant Media

Prior to 2014, Conversant Media ranked ValueClick as one of the top ad networks in the market. It is a company that specializes in internet advertising and has been in business for over 15 years. Only high-quality websites are accepted into their operation.

They provide a wide range of ad types. You have complete control over advertising, so you can choose whether or not to display it on your site. Their customer service is outstanding. Conversant Media pays on a regular basis, with a low minimum compensation of $25.


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