Physical and emotional well-being is becoming more and more important as people become aware of what it can contribute to their own well-being nowadays. A positive attitude and a state of personal fulfilment is nowadays one of the most important things. And within this trend, yoga perfectly represents the fusion of these two modalities: physical and emotional wellbeing.

In this post we will try to explain the importance of marketing for an entrepreneur in this discipline. We will also give some basic keys that you have to follow to get an original and, of course, effective marketing strategy for yoga.

Marketing and advertising cover many areas, but you don’t have to do them all at the same time. You have to start small with a few key actions and gradually incorporate others that serve your objectives. There is no point in being present on all the social networks in the world with minimal activity on your part. You have to focus.

Personal branding

The first thing you have to do to is to make potential clients see that the trainer at the centre is a qualified and experienced person. Nothing transmits more confidence than a good guide or teacher, so we will have to transmit that he/she is one of the best and of course create a brand with a competitive advantage and a unique identity.

Social Media

Social media management through Instagram and Facebook is a must if we want to start a yoga studio. Knowledge in this field is necessary to be able to draw up an effective strategy. An editorial calendar with different content and information has to be drawn up.


Previously, you could buy ad space in a prominent TV time slot or on a website that your target audience frequented. Programmatic advertising identifies your target audience and displays the best video ad for them, making it considerably more effective.

You can do the same, offer advertising space on your blog and let an Ad Network take care of showing the best advertising videos related to your business. This will generate revenue per impression. How come? If there are 3 ads on your site and one person visits it, you are paid for all the advertisements you display.

For this, I highly recommend MediaFem. A sell-side ad technology company that provides full demand management and intermediation solutions to publishers. By merging ad serving for display, mobile, video, header wrapper capabilities, and outstream operations into one holistic stack, it has set a new standard for selling inventory to programmatic customers.

It uses programmatic networks to connect content websites with advertisers, then charges a fee based on the software’s on-site revenue. It has developed a set of adaptive marketing standards that enable each ad to be personalized to the people most interested in the information being given.

MediaFem takes pride in being able to provide marketers with higher-quality content than other ad networks. This system responds quickly to ad requests, ensuring that each impression is provided as fast as possible for the best possible results.

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