Read this article if you are looking for good options for Taboola in Australia.

Australia is one of the most attractive places to enter a race with your website or app. In October 2020, the federal government announced that the internet in the country was going to grow rapidly up to 2023. So, if you have a page that is able to generate income, this is a really good moment to improve it.

Today, the most common way of earning money from the internet is by monetizing websites. You can do it through an advertising network, which is a company that is able to manage your site by adding publishing. These ads are the ones that, with the viewer’s interaction, generate regard.

Advertisements are chosen by studied algorithms in order to be able to reach the best public for you. More public, more interaction… it‘s too much potential! Your earnings and stats won’t stop ricing.

Taboola is one of the most used companies, but it is not always the best option for every case. You need to find a platform that perfectly suits your site. Don’t let yourself be convinced by the first option that you find on the web. Think carefully and don’t forget that a bad decision could be able to cross your page forever.

As we know that evaluating and thinking about all the alternatives at the same time is too complicated, we’ve created a shortlist where you can find the best alternatives to Taboola. These options won’t let you miss any more time, viewers, or money.


MediaFem is a full-service, serious, and dependable ad network that develops and distributes brand and product awareness. It’s a platform that currently hosts over 450 websites from across the world, and it’s growing. A set of short- and long-term profit goals, as well as codes for “specialised marketing,” which allows all ads to be viewed by individuals who are actually interested in what is being offered, are also included.

In exchange for displaying ads on this platform, publishers receive 70% of the revenue earned by MediaFem in connection with the service. These percentages are consistent throughout all publications, regardless of where they are published, and they are not averaged. Standard payment options, such as Paypal, are also accepted for payments to publishers.

When it comes to payment times, it is singled out as the organisation that pays the quickest of anybody in the industry.


AdTrek is a smart ad server that allows you to be more creative with your banner advertising.

You may now convey your product experience to your customers using video, feeds, or an AdTrek CMS.


Scroll Media is a digital advertising network owned by publishers that focuses on branded content, integration, and programmatic ad sales. We want to help advertisers and agencies locate high-quality websites from Australia and New Zealand that suit their creative messaging goals.

We have extensive experience in digital advertising, ranging from direct to programmatic ad sales of various ad types (display, video, and native) to unique branding integrations with websites.