Audio advertisement is not even close to being dead. Moreover, it evolved from traditional radios to being broadcast on other audio formats just as podcasts, videos, streamings or songs.


Contrary to popular belief, audio is highly engaging. Moreover, more than half of the podcast’s frequent-listeners assure they don’t do anything else in that time. So sound entertainment it’s not just company, it plays a big role in the audience’s lives. 


Furthermore, by choosing the right placement and sound, you can transmit stronger emotions, additionally, it gets deeper attention. 



Hear It


Programmatic audio is a type of digital marketing that uses a mechanism similar to display advertising to automate the sale and placement of ads into audio material. 


You may buy targeted advertisements from all of the major audio publishers utilizing a single system with programmatic audio. It allows you to buy ad space in a podcast’s pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll, for example. 


These advertisements are sent to listeners across a variety of devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet.


1- MediaFem

It’s a premium SSP platform established in the United Kingdom with over 12 years of ad monetization experience.


Several websites buy ad codes to encourage users to read more articles on the same page or to increase referral traffic profits.


Publishers may access tools, intelligence reports, and customization choices through the network, which is powered by a strong prediction engine.


Top Choice


MediaFem has developed a set of “customized marketing” codes to ensure that all advertisements are seen by people who are really interested in the services being promoted.


Publishers have a number of formats to select from for their products, which can subsequently be utilized on websites, blogs, and apps. Video, mobile, web, and native advertising are all possibilities. MediaFem has created a set of “customized marketing” codes to ensure that all advertisements are seen by people who are truly interested in the services being advertised.


Content makers can choose from a variety of formats for their products, which can then be used on websites, blogs, and apps. MediaFem offers video, mobile, online, and native advertising options.


2- is a market leader that provides an integrated digital workflow that helps media buying organizations operate better




  • Monitoring and dashboards for project management
  • Module for integrated Omnichannel media planning and purchase
  • Updates on the schedule in real-time, as well as risk analysis
  • Forecasting revenue and expenses
  • Billing and reconciliation of invoices




Based on Japan, this company aims to help users to make data-driven decisions by the usage of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data


They offer a straightforward solution to lead your initiatives in the ever-changing world of digital marketing, regardless of what business sector you are in. Also, they help businesses make better marketing decisions by evaluating vital statistics on your web advertising, unifying offline data, and giving effortlessly actionable solutions.

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