Google Adsense is an advertising platform through which you can place text links or banner ads throughout your blog. Adsense is undoubtedly a great way to earn revenue from your site. It has been around since the beginning and has generated billions of dollars for both Google and advertisers. It’s definitely worth looking into, but some Google Adsense alternatives might work out better for you and your travel blog.

Some people think of Adsense as their only profitable solution, but there are actually other forms of advertising that can bring you more revenue than Google Adsense. By using different types of ads throughout your blog, you will be able to ensure you get a good return on investment, and that you will be able to continuously earn money from your blogs. Some also argue that Adsense alternatives are better for your website as they usually display better for users as well.

Google Adsense is by far the most well-known advertising network, but the best sites have learned to diversify their ad sources. By spreading the love around to several high-performing, lesser-known networks (and thus earning less on each individual ad), you’re likely to see a net gain in your total revenue over time.

So, if Adsense isn’t working for you, here are three great alternatives:


MediaFem is a 12-year-old ad network that connects content websites with advertisers using programmatic platforms (such as Google Ad Manager) and charges a fee depending on on-site revenue. It has developed a coding system that ensures that all adverts are seen to those who are interested in the subject.

With MediaFem, you have a variety of placement options, all of which can be customized to match the design and look of your website. There are multiple header bidding choices for real-time bidding, as well as support for all video, display, mobile, and native formats.

Remember that MediaFem will only pay publishers if their account balance at the end of the month is at least $100. If this occurs, the client will have to wait another 53 days for payment.


Another well-known native advertising platform is Outbrain. Outbrain stands out from the competition thanks to its unique features, high-quality publisher network, ongoing upgrades, and exceptional customer service. The ad network connects publishers with large DSPs through programmatic native ad demand.

To be qualified for Outbrain, you must have at least 10 million monthly page views. With a 0 minimum payment, you may choose between CPC and CPM pricing methods. Outbrain also offers native advertising for display and video advertisements in the feed and within articles.

CNN, Fox News, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Mashable, and a slew of other websites have featured their recommendations.


Taboola is a well-known content discovery and native advertising platform that assists businesses in reaching out to highly targeted audiences and growing their traffic.

Taboola’s personalized content recommendations may be found in the feed and as a widget at the bottom, top, or side of blog entries. You may also divide your audience into segments based on their location, device, operating system, and connection type.

You have total control over your campaigns with the program, from setting your own goals to modifying the daily ad distribution once they go live. Taboola is a fantastic tool for individuals who want to see how effective their advertising is, and where they have room to grow.

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