Monetizing your fitness blog could seem overwhelming but it’s absolutely necessary if you want to make extra income. Whether you blog as a fitness fan or as a fitness guru, making money from your blog allows you to do what you adore and get paid for it. On top of that, monetizing your blog also makes it easy to generate revenue for you and your blog and secure the necessary funds to cover all the expenses associated with running it.

Fitness and healthy lifestyle posts have risen a lot in social media, so it makes sense that many people are considering starting a sports blog so they earn some money.

What’s the right way to do it?

Unfortunately, a lot of aspiring fitness bloggers get enthusiastic and bounce in without a proper guide or strategies. That’s why they regularly find themselves faced with challenges and impediments that they have no idea how to overcome. And while you may not have blogging experience, training, or associations with brands to have a successful fitness blog, you still need a master plan to follow when you create a platform for yourself.

Whether you focus on a specific type of fitness, a specific sport, or all branches of exercises, fitness blogging is certainly a great way to let your voice be heard and make money at the same time.

In order to start monetizing your blog, AdSense was going to be one of your first choices. Although an ad network such as this one can be helpful, it’s important to consider alternatives and ensure you’re using the method that’s the best fit for you. Once you start looking beyond what AdSense can offer, you’ll see the enhanced capabilities available to optimize your advertising revenue and performance.

Here are 5 Adsense alternatives for your fitness blog:

1. MediaFem: Founded more than 10 years ago and is very popular among fitness blogs. Their work model is based on Rev. Share 70% for Publishers. These percentages are reliable, regardless of a publisher’s location, and are not in any way averaged between publishers.

Their solutions allow the publisher to choose from header bidding or the traditional One Ad Code option. MediaFem offers all kinds of formats like video, display, mobile, and native.

Sign up is Free, you can do it here.

2. Minute Media: This is a digital media company that offers a platform specializing in content and advertising solutions. Their tech powers everything they do, from the platform to their content and experiences they build for advertisers, brands, and publishing partners. Minute Media is determined to find creative solutions across all job functions, taking bold risks, and using every challenge as an opportunity to learn, innovate, and push boundaries.

3. Sortable: From initial onboarding and configuring ad-serving code, to connecting demand partners and optimizing ad layouts, their fully-managed service lets bloggers focus on creating great content while Sortable ensures their ads are running as efficiently and effectively as they can. They also help bloggers to increase their ad revenue by implementing, optimizing, and maintaining advertising.

4. Freestar: Freestar manages a publisher’s ad stacks using its knowledge, engineering resources, and investments in data science. It sets up ads to maximize competition via header bidding, taking a cut of the programmatic ads that roll in. Publishers get better tech and management of their ads than they could if they managed it all by themselves.

5. The Publisher Desk: The Publisher Desk helps websites increase advertising revenues and reduce operational costs. Their team provides proper resources, direction, operations, technology, and support for your blog.

Everyone deserves to spend their time doing what they love. If you love fitness, starting a fitness blog can be an extremely fun way to take your passion for exercising to the next level. The best way to do it is to test a few different options and then decide which one produces the biggest revenue, for us MediaFem will be the choice. But don’t forget that persistence, passion, and patience are also key to success!

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