Remote work or telecommuting has had multiple advantages and disadvantages when applied to employees. Unfortunately, this modality has been abruptly forced by the Coronavirus pandemic. Despite not having been planned, it was confirmed in the usual mode for the operation of many companies, even now, that two years later we began to return to normal.

For most people, the also known as home office, brought many benefits. The comfort, being at home, reducing transfers, being with the family again. However, it is not all as you think because you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking.

According to the latest statistics, the consequences are not very gratifying for workers who suddenly switched to this routine. According to surveys, more than 60% of those consulted dedicate more hours to work than before. In addition, stress increased strongly in more than 50% of people.

According to the data, the stress is explained because more than 50% of remote workers had their workload increased. Likewise, a high percentage of them admit that they do not have enough time. But also job insecurity and increased pressure from direct bosses have been other stress factors.

In this situation, we want to review the main advantages and disadvantages when implementing remote work. How can we overcome these problems? What should workers and employers do? We invite you to consider the advantages and disadvantages when implementing teleworking.

8 Advantages

  1. Not traveling to work
  2. Save on expenses
  3. Remote work also helps save food or clothing.
  4. Increased productivity
  5. Enhanced technical skills
  6. Improved communication skills
  7. No office distractions
  8. Build professional networks
  9. Provides work-life balance

8 Disadvantages

  1. Increased insulation
  2. home office expenses
  3. Risk of overwork.
  4. Productivity risk.
  5. Distractions at home
  6. Disconnection from the workplace
  7. Disproportionate work-life balance
  8. Less time interacting with your peers

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