Every active artist must be open to diversification and change. If you want to make a living as a full-time photographer or artist, sometimes relying on gallery representation or freelance clients isn’t enough. Fortunately, as the world has changed, the opportunities for artists to earn money from their creativity have also increased. Therefore, below we will tell you 8 Ways To Make Money With Your Art.

In fact, more often than not, thinking about different ways to monetize your art is critical to achieving creative and financial success. Before diving into it, it is best to assess your skills and what makes you feel most comfortable. For example, maybe public speaking is not your thing, but you like to explain your creative process. Instead of forcing yourself to give talks or classes in front of other people before the right time, try creating a YouTube channel where you can share your passion with the public from the comfort of your own home.

Whatever you decide to try, remember that everything is an extension of your signature as an artist and you need to ask yourself if the direction you are headed will lead you toward your main goals. So get ready to think outside your comfort zone and diversify your sources of income with some creative ways to monetize your art.

Do You Want To Make Art And Live From It?

1. Sell Prints Or Impressions

Photographers aren’t the only ones selling prints of their work. Illustrators, painters, and even sculptors and installation creators can benefit from selling high-quality prints of their work. This opens the doors to fans of your designs who may not be able to pay for an original piece, thus diversifying the type of collectors interested in your creations. You can print your works and sell them directly or use online services that help artists easily sell prints online for a small commission. Many of these sites also offer products like smartphone cases, scarves, and backpacks with your designs printed directly onto them, so there’s something for every potential customer.

2. Online Classes

If you feel like teaching is your thing, why not consider teaching online? Today more than ever, people are looking for trusted instructors and teachers in the creative sphere to help them take their work to the next level. Artisans, painters, photographers and graphic designers are just some of the creative teachers who will find their knowledge in demand if they are adept at sharing what they know. Some even go into full-time teaching, launching paid services where students have access to private tutorials.

3. Lead Workshops

Perhaps you love to teach, but the idea of planning an entire course seems intimidating. Or you just enjoy meeting students in person. If so, teaching workshops may be for you. Especially popular with photographers, workshops can be a great addition to your income, especially if you have a niche like astrophotography or street photography. Of course, the workshops are not limited to photographers. Are you an urban artist? You can organize workshops on how to paint murals or create stencils. Or maybe you are an expert in lettering? You can give workshops on the basic elements of calligraphy. Think about your artistic niche and how what you can impart is special and unique. If you plan carefully, you can organize workshops around your travels and make a profit as you explore the world.

4. Talks and Conferences

If you enjoy public speaking, you can take advantage of this and earn some money giving talks and conferences. Whether for corporate events or as a visiting professor at universities, there is a market for creative minds to share the secrets of their trade. Also, this can often be run in conjunction with a workshop, allowing for a full day of activities. Start by brainstorming some conference topics and make a short presentation about your work. Then look for local organizations that you think might be interested and go from there. Don’t forget that arts organizations aren’t the only ones who may be curious about what you do. By thinking outside of your comfort zone, you will be able to get more invitations. For example, if you specialize in wildlife photography or scientific illustration, contact natural history museums or scientific organizations that may be interested in the marriage of art and science.

5. Sell Or License Your Art With Stock Image Agencies

You can earn royalties from your work by licensing it or simply selling it to a stock image agency. Photographers, musicians and video creators know that Getty Images is one of the best options in this field, while Shutterstock is one of the many agencies that also accept illustrations and vector graphics. If you do it carefully with quality work, this can be a steady stream of income that can grow quickly.

6. Write An Ebook

If you like writing more than creating video content, you can try making an e-book. As an artist, you can create a myriad of guides, whether you’re giving advice on how to use a specific medium, teaching the basics of composition, or taking a specialized approach to your niche. Whether you write about underwater photography or the basics of studio lighting, your expertise will be valuable to other creators, and they’ll be willing to pay for it.

7. Become An Influencer

If you are savvy with social media and have a large following on Instagram, you might start getting contacted by some businesses about posting sponsored content. This is especially lucrative for travel photographers, as many finance their adventures around the world by making deals with hotels, airlines, and travel agencies looking to advertise their services in exchange for sharing amazing images of the destination. However, it’s not just travel photographers who do. Artists also collaborate with various companies, from art supplies to fashion companies, and share the results of their work with their fans. Not sure how to connect with businesses or what to charge for sponsored content? There are services that can help you, such as Influence.co, AspireIQ, and iFluenz.

Whatever the option or options you choose, always complement it with a Blog. Next we will tell you how to monetize your blog and, thus, while keeping a record of everything you do, you will be able to earn passive income easily and safely.

Start A Blog And Monetize It

How can you make money with this? Besides the fact that your potential clients can find your work through a well-designed blog or interesting YouTube videos, advertising and affiliate commissions can be lucrative sources of income. If you do it right, you can also earn commissions by recommending products and gear that you enjoy using. As for YouTube, everyone knows that it has made its biggest stars millionaires. However, the reality is that you don’t need millions of views to start making money. A look at the learn to draw channels on YouTube will give you some inspiration on how to design your own channel.

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