According to Confiant, more than 60% of malicious ads target Windows users.

The study confirm that exactly 60.7% of malicious advertising in circulation are intended for Windows users. Rather logical when you know the market share of the Microsoft OS.

However, it is interesting to note that ChromeOS, the Google OS, also seems very popular unwanted ads, with a score of 22.5%.

What put ChromeOS in front of macOS in terms of malicious targeting, since the operating system signed Apple, it has a score of 10.5%. Mobile ecosystems are not spared, and here, contrary to what we could think, it is iOS that comes first, being the subject of 3.2% malicious ads, against 2.1% for Android.

Confiant, has its side analyzed more than 120 billion advertisements displayed during the third quarter of 2019, via 75 SSP platforms.

Confiant explains that a single advertising platform is responsible for 30% of malicious ads. More than 60% of them come from only three SSPs.

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