Are you a small publisher looking for a native advertising platform to help monetize your new blog? If you answered yes, today is your lucky day.

Due to the growing activity of online consumers, the digital market has benefited financially from the unpredictable situation that happened in 2020. This context has since given rise to various innovations and evolutions within societies, the most prominent of which is a revolution in entertainment consumption behavior. Content consuming patterns in the advertisement and entertainment industry, in particular, have changed radically.

According to researchers, entertainment consumption on digital platforms more than doubled after the pandemic and has continued to increase since.

The advertisement market moves at a breakneck rate. This is why it is important for small publishers to be able to interact with ad networks that have received good feedback for their work over the years. If you’re looking for a way to secure your revenue in such a complex and challenging time, these are some of the best ad networks for small publishers trying to maximize their revenues.

We compare some of the Top Native Advertising Platforms with Fast Approval for Small Publishers in 2021:


MediaFem is a huge platform with over ten years of programmatic monetization development based in the UK. Most websites across the world use their ad codes to allow users to read more articles on the same page or to maximize the revenues from referral traffic.

The platform, which is powered by a modern analytical engine, offers publishers features including A/B testing, intelligent reporting, and personalization, all of which are important to digital media success. For their solutions, publishers get to choose between header bidding and the traditional One Ad Code choice. This ad network operates in a number of formats, including video, online, mobile, and native advertising.

MediaFem does not charge any commissions when paying in Net53 terms and they use a Rev. Share model of 70% for Publishers. These numbers are shared by all publishers, regardless of location, and are not averaged across them. You can choose any kind of ads that best fits your blog, making MediaFem the most popular site for content creators and small publishers to earn substantial amounts of money.


Matomy can be an excellent ad network for publishers because it matches them with a diverse spectrum of advertisers, including multinational brands. It is one of the only ad networks with a global presence, making it an excellent option for small publishers who want to draw traffic from all over the world.

Have a look at the statistics to learn more about can ad formats are successful, as there are various choices. Two common advertising network channels are post-roll and mid-roll ads. Furthermore, it caters to all types of publishers, including users with no ad content on their website.

According to the firm, the ads have a 75% view-through rate and high CPMs. Although it is well designed for streaming video publishers, you can still use it if you don’t have any because it has over 100,000 videos and a video viewer for your blog.


Airpush is a monetization platform for small publishers looking to increase revenue from their products. In addition to regular and traditional display ad units, Airpush monetizes by native ads and video ads, specialized overlays, rich media, and push alerts that appear in mobile device notification slide-down trays.

In-app banner ads are small static or rich media show ads that appear inside the app. Push advertisements are more intrusive to customers when they run alongside other messages in the notification tray of smartphones, and may be annoying to the users. You must have a minimum credit balance of $50 to use their services.

In 2020, Airpush was renamed Airnow Monetization, joining the Airnow network’s Data, Transmission, and Security.


BuySellAds is a partnership ad site for publishers and advertisers. The network enables publishers to pick a minimum price for their ad inventory and encourages advertisers to directly communicate with them through their website. It is suggested for publishers who want to market their inventory at predetermined prices.

Since it is a publisher-advertiser site, publishers can list their inventory directly. Following that, they will be able to receive ad placement requests from advertisers. After a quick approval process, the ad placement goes online.

Display advertising, smartphone or native ads, text feed ads, and other services are available from BuySellAds. The ad network is well-known, and it collaborates with over +650 publishers worldwide.


Smarty Ads is a marketing network for publishers searching for intelligent sales management. Their header-bidding wrappers and high-volume platform sales improve inventory competition and help publishers optimize yield. They deliver over 2 billion daily impressions, leading to significant eCPMs, CTRs, and fill rates across all geographical locations, which can reach 100%.

SmartyAds also offers a variety of desktop and mobile ad formats, such as supported ads, interstitials, native ads, and banners. Their collaborations with top demand partners in global monetizing geographies benefit publishers by enabling them to quickly offer highly targeted personalized advertising.

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