Are you tired of commuting and wasting time in your car or the public transport? The pandemic has left us with this enormous need to work from the comfort of our homes. I bet that was the best part of the lockdown, wasn’t it? So here we are bringing you the top 3 ways of making money online so you don’t have to get to the office again!

The basic truth is that the Internet has made it easier than ever to earn money from home, whether you freelance, work remotely for a corporation, or participate in random money-making opportunities. or whatever fresh concept pops up next month. There are numerous options for earning money from home nowadays and some are amazingly simple.

Even though this may seem like a far horizon for you, we are here to tell you it’s possible and achievable. Take a notebook and a pen, take notes and choose the one that fits best for you.

1. Become A Virtual Assistant 

You may not be a natural writer, but you enjoy working online. Perhaps you’re well-organized, have excellent email skills, or can conduct speedy research. If this describes you, you might want to try being a virtual assistant.

Consider a virtual assistant to be similar to a traditional assistant, except that you’ll be working from home and for an internet entrepreneur rather than another form of company. After gaining expertise, top virtual assistants can easily make more than $100,000.

If this is the right option for you, try looking for this kind of job on the search engine of your preference. Remember to list your qualifications and things you can do. You have to sell yourself as the best virtual assistant out there, even if you are just getting started. 

2. Become A Trip Planner

Do you enjoy traveling? Have you visited a variety of places, know a few cool local hangouts, and enjoy sharing your knowledge with others? Maybe you’re a seasoned travel hacker who knows how to maximize your points and miles?

If you do, so that you can market your knowledge to others who require assistance organizing their vacations. You are not becoming a travel agent. Rather, you may sell guides that contain what to see, when to visit, how to get there, and so on for a cheap fixed charge.

Another option is to offer your services to plan personalized trips, including documentation needed, advice on how many days to stay and even providing plane ticket offers you can simply find online. This can be a real life-saver for many, as planning a trip from head to toes can be highly overwhelming.

3. Start A Blog

If you truly want to make money from home and make a difference, you should develop a blog or website. This is your home base for everything you do online, and it can be a lucrative business in and of itself. 

Once you have decided what your niche is, you are on the right track. You just have to create your blog using a free web hosting and design it as you like. And once you are ready, you can start monetizing it.

To monetize your website or blog you will need an ad platform. Using this strategy, your site will display ads related to the content you share and you will get paid for every interaction with that ad.

Don’t panic! This may seem like a lot, but it’s not. We are here to help you. Our recommendation is this amazing network called MediaFem

Why MediaFem?

MediaFem is a full-featured SSP platform with over 12 years of ad monetization experience based in the United Kingdom. Several publishers use it to purchase ad codes in order to encourage customers to read additional articles on the same page or to improve referral traffic revenue.

Publishers can use the network to access resources, intelligence, and customisation options, which is powered by a strong prediction system.

Publishers can choose from a range of formats that can be used in web pages, blogs, and applications. MediaFem offers video, mobile, online, and native advertising options.

You should be aware that MediaFem has specific guidelines that you must observe. For instance, you must develop original workplace-safe content, no file-sharing or pirated content is allowed, and automatic downloads are not allowed.